Grass and trees on a sphere

It’s me again, I want to use on sphere trees optimiaztion technlogies like in the Terrain class. I ve got some planets. So, I need to place grass and trees on them, but it’s possible to paint them only on Terrain, that is always flat. I tried a lot of doing various things, but my methods are not so well optimized, and it does not look so good as on Terrain. How to recreate Terrain painting for spherical surface?

Unfortunately, there is no way to instantiate trees so that they will automatically LOD like the ones in the terrain generator, however what you might be able to do is modify the “LOD Quality” of the tree so that it will lower when the camera gets further away.

Other than that, you may be able to find scripts that other have made, as this is a very frequent community request!

Hope this helps!


Perhaps you can create a few tree prefabs in a modelling program and then program them to instantiate in random places on the sphere mesh?