Grass Animation

On my forum link (Here : ) its was a comment about the grass animation.

This is what the comment was

**> Your grass need some work, the hole

grass bends (Real-time grass only bends at
upper parts.**

Does anyone knows how to get the grass only bends at upper parts ?

Thanks :smiley:

The grass needs to be of multiple transforms, and each needs to bend it’s own amount. The first piece will be the lower, and each successive piece will be placed at the top of the one before it. Child each transform to the one before it.

As you bend the first piece notice that all pieces bend with it. Now, simply apply your bending effect to each transform and adjust your settings accordingly to make it look natural.

You might also experiment with Random.Range(lower, upper) so that it has some divergence from the value you set in the inspector.

Have fun!

Thanks it worked

yes …
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