Grass gets cut off

Hi, I have a terrain related issue.

My problem is that on a open plain hillside for example, I would paint grass on the entire terrain. now when I start the game, in a certain range around me i see the grass, and it is amazing, however, for some reason, the grass is at a limited range and gets cut off at some point, so when I move, other grass appears and the previous disappears. it gives off an ugly feeling, like only a small spot is grass and the rest of the terrain is bald, and i can see it .

so if there is any way to fix it or cover it up, I would love to know! THANKS for listening!

In your Terrain Object Inspector click the little "gear" icon to bring up the settings and increase your Detail Distance (default is 80).

Keep in mind though that the more is on screen at any given time the lower your performance will become.

There are a few tricks to cover up draw distance cut-offs, one of which is implement fog so that it's thick enough at the cut-off point so that it blends nicely.

Anyway - it all really comes down to pretty vs. performance.



Yeah that helps but its still not working