Grass material height map direction is wrong after setting

I created a grass material, the material files and settings are as follows:

Grass001_4K-PNG_AmbientOcclusion.png [occlusion map] 
Grass001_4K-PNG_Color.png [base map] 
Grass001_4K-PNG_Displacement.png [height map] 
Grass001_4K-PNG_NormalGL.png [normal map] 
Grass001_4K-PNG_Roughness.png [metallic map] 

Then I tried to pull up the grass height, but I found that the height was changing horizontally, without any vertical change. Before height change After adjustment I don’t understand what caused this, please kindly answer my questions.

Perhaps your mesh lacks or has incorrect data like normals or tangents. Can you / are you trying that on some built-in mesh? Does it look right in material preview?

I created a sphere and applied my grass material to it, but I still don’t get any 3D effect after adjusting the height map value.

This is the effect before setting the height.

It’s a very simple and cheap parallax mapping technique. Can yiu maybe post a screenshit of your expectations?

thank you for your reply

This is the website where I downloaded materials Grass 001 on ambientCG.

This is a screenshot of the render preview

have some body help me ?