grass problem

Hi! I have a problem with grass (detail mesh). At the very beginning, it looked like in the first screenshot. Then I messed something up and it looks like the second screenshot. Does anyone know how to make it look like the first screenshot?
The color of the grass depends on which side we look at and it wasn't like that before.


If you used the terrain tools to place the grass, then the grass has a dead color, normal color, and height settings. If you manually placed the grass, then its a prefab issue/setting. Its just a color/hue problem, can be changed many ways :)

I used terrain tools to put up the grass. But I still tried to set this prefab that I use when putting up grass the same problem occurs. Do you know maybe how to change this color?

I have the same exact issue. Did you figure this out? I simply imported the terrain demo scene and the grass has the same issue. I have narrowed it down to being an issue with the shadow color of the grass. Basically, the side being hit by the sun looks as intended, however the shadow color seems to be a super saturated green. Any ideas?