Grass (terrain detail mesh) show in editor, not in build

Hi everyone, I have an issue with grass painted with built in terrain tool.

I use detail mesh for grass.

Every thing was working fine but since I added some more types of grass and painted it, my grass doesn’t render in build (standalone or web).

-I’ve of course double checked render and terrain settings and I’m at the maximum draw distance so it should be alright.

-I’ve checked the compression settings of grass texture trying some different ones but it doesn’t work.

-I’ve heard about a bug that would fix itself when rebuilding a new project with same assets, but it’s the same.

-No changes have been made to my main camera from when it was working and now.

-Same problem in webbuild, standalone buid, windowed or FS.

Thanks a lot.

See pictures, first the editor game view, then build.


To whom it may concern,

I had this same issue. I was creating terrain data at run-time, adding the prototypes, and generating splat & height maps, trees, and details (grass). No matter what I did, I was unable to get the grass to display at all when exporting to a stand-alone build. The only way I was able to solve this problem was to create a new empty terrain in a scene, add all prototypes, and instead of using a new terrain data created at run-time, I attached this terrain data to my generator script and used it instead. I was able to remove the terrain from the scene, and when my project was built it ran correctly. Hope this helps someone!

I’m guessing the internal workings of the terrain are undocumented for a reason.

Hey! I think I just got it working.

If your detail mesh has a material with no texture assigned, it might be causing this problem. If you’re using the Grass rendering method, throw a texture on the mesh that is the same color as your “Grass Color” in your terrain settings. If you’re justing Vertex Lit as your rendering method, maybe trying throwing a 50% grey texture onto it.

Give that the ol’ college try.

I had the same problem.

I changed the import settings to fix.


I had to set Read/Write Enabled to true on all my grass textures to solve this problem. It consumes more RAM though, which is not desirable. I hope this gets fixed.