Grass Textures of Terrain changing colors dinamically

I’m having a problem with my terrain. After configuring the terrain textures and detail textures to look right all seems to be ok. But when I clic play the color of the grass change in a “ping pong” mode. It fades darker and lighter again, and then darker and etc in about 10 seconds cycles. So grass color becomes different of terrain texture one and looks bad. I checked healthy and dry colors of grass texture, grass tint in terrain config, also if changing main light resolves the problem, but nothing.
It this normal? it’s maybe a feature of terrain engine or there’s any solution?
Thanks in advance!

Is this the noise value for the grass texture?

When I modify the noise value on my grass textures, in the wind I get a rippling color effect or “spots” of shades of my grass color. Increasing the noise value gives me more, smaller color spots (higher frequency), lowering it gives me fewer, larger color spots or a lower frequency.
Personally, I like it, but it may not work for everyone.

Best answer I found: