gravity is not working


here is my rigidbody. but this is not working.
this is not checked is kinematic and it’s using gravity. and this is not Freezed position.
how to solve this?

(Actually, I was wrong when I said that static objects with Rigidbody do not fall. In fact, they fall as usual, even if you mark them as static :slight_smile: ).

  1. Then maybe timeScale is set to zero?
  2. Or is the gravity set to the
    zero vector in the settings?
  3. Or is the object attached to another
    using the Fixed Joint component?
  4. Is it also possible that some script
    holds the object in the same place?
    So there are many possible causes of the problem, and there are probably more than I have listed. If all of the above does not cause problems, then specify what kind of object it is, what other components does it have, what scripts?

hey! I solve this, it was my bad… the collider was too big.