Gravity not working in a sidescrolling 2d game after upgrade to Unity 5

I have been working on a 2d game using unity 4 for a while in which the hero is grounded and able to jump over obstacles. After upgrading to Unity 5 this morning, the Rigidbody2d componenent attached to that object is no longer responding to gravity. I have tried moving it to a higher Y coordinate and would expect the hero to fall on game start. I have tried removing and adding a new Rigidbody 2d component etc.

Is there a hidden setting to control the global gravity value or a way I can verify that forces are acting on that object at runtime?

Open your object and in animator properties uncheck root motion 43405-untitled.png

This seems to be some new feature that causes this to happen

thanks to this guy reading out i find the solution, i went to my object and disabled the animator and everything started working as expected, not much tested