Gravity seems to be too slow

I have a ball dropping in my scene and it seems to drop really slow. I haven’t edited any of my time / physics settings so they are at the default. Does this mean that my models are the wrong size? eg too big or too small?

The ball is supposed to be the size of a golf ball but it’s falling more like it’s a mile wide (if not more). It’s at a scale of 1,1,1. What should a golf ball be scaled at?

Physics doesn’t work very well with small objects, but if you don’t alter any settings then 1 unit = 1 meter. Presumably golf balls aren’t 1 meter large. :wink: Rather than trying to make the scale “correct” (see the first sentence of my answer), it’s better to alter the default settings (gravity and/or timeScale) so that the ball appears to behave properly.