"GravityWeight" curve in animator is not affecting the rigidbody's gravity?

I’m following Unity’s Mechanim tutorial and have ran into a trouble where the “GravityWeight” curve set up as shown in Unity 4.0 - Mecanim Animation Tutorial - YouTube at 31:13, is not affecting my character’s gravity.

What ends up happening in the scene is: the character jumps, the collider height is reduced but gravity is not affected, and as a result the character will sink into the ground because the collider was shortened for a moment.

Here is the set up for the jumping animation that I’m using in my scene. Note that I’m not using any scripts to access the “GravityWeight” curve because according to the video its internal or something.

I’ve also checked other people’s posts on the same problem, but after trying some stuff that they suggested the problem is still here.


(realise this is quite old but since it was the first hit when I searched and it gave me a clue to the answer, here’s the answer…)

“gravityWeight” not “GravityWeight” – it’s case sensitive.