Gray Screen & Too Many Events


I am preparing a project in VR for university that is due 4th of April.
Since today I am having this issue where when entering play mode the scene turns completely gray. No objects are visible or anything, just a gray screen. When I put on my headset I can see a completely gray screen on one eye and a black screen on the other. I am using Oculus Rift and have never had this problem till now. I have restarted my computer and project several times and have tried changing XR Plugin Management from Oculus to Open XR and vise versa. I also tried setting up my headset several times. The problem is still there.
Also in the Error list I have +999 reports saying I have 3 audio listeners and 2 events. Idk what events are in Unity and Idk what this means exactly.
I have 0 experience in programming and have started using Unity two weeks ago. I keep trying to find a solution online but due to my lack of experience I am unable to understand how to fix this.
Can someone help please?

To adress your console first. - "There are 2 event systems in the scene." could be your issue? This is related to Unitys UI system. If you have several prefabs setup with this then you only want 1. And your second problem with 3 Audio listeners is as it states, you have 3 prefabs setup to listen for audio either through script or you have an audio listener on 3 prefabs. You only want one, which is usually only on your "player" prefab which receives audio from all external sources and processes it into your headphones/sound system.
As for the grey and black VR screen, I have no idea. Never seen or heard it before, but I'm confident that it's in your VR settings. Try to follow a guide on how to setup VR properly seeing as you have next to zero experience with this. (It could be an incompatible shader that you have used? Or a prefab of some sort that changes how you graphically view things or some sort of effect that you want to achieve.)

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