grayish Fog-Like screen after building 3d game, how to fix?

![alt text][1]

After finally being able to build my game I noticed that there’s this grayish fog that appears on the screen I have fog turned off. I notice as soon as I start the built game I can see the scenery as it’s supposed to be but it disappears in literally a second and switches to this foggy screen. I only have 1 scene in the build.

here is the build on the left and here is the game view on the right in 1 picture.

Things to know perhaps
I have a camera in the scene.
I turned off Baked GI.
I have a weapon cam (used so my lamp/weapon doesn’t go through the walls) Now I noticed though the view of the weapon cam / lamp cam has a similar effect as the grayish fog I’m seeing.I wonder does that have anything to do with the build turning gray.

I found out that it was the depth of field being set to HIGH .