Grey Screen Scene View

My scene view is grey i have tried everything like pressing f and zooming in but… No! Nothing Will Work.[16866-screen+shot+2013-10-22+at+6.59.31+pm.png|16866]

First you should try to create a new Empty GameObject, select it in the hierarchy and set it’s position to 0,0,0. After that change make sure the input fields are no longer focused or the f-hotkey won’t work. Simply click the object again in the hierarchy, move your mouse over the scene view and press “f”.

If that doesn’t help, you could try this editor script:

// FileName: ResetSceneView.cs
// C#
using UnityEngine;
using UnityEditor;

public class ResetSceneView : Editor
    static void ResetViews()
        foreach(SceneView S in SceneView.sceneViews)
            S.pivot =;
            S.rotation = Quaternion.Euler(10,0,0);
            S.size = 10;

Just create a folder called “Editor” inside your Assets folder and put this script in.

Once it’s compiled if you click into the menu bar at the top you should see a new Menu item called “Tools”. Clich “ResetSceneViews” and the error should be gone.

ps: Once it’s working again, make sure you don’t have some GameObjects with messed up position values. If you focus on such a GameObject it would mess up the sceneview camera again.


There’s another, way easier solution :wink:

Just close your SceneView window / tab (sorry i’m on windows :wink: ):

and open a new one.