Greyed-out project duplicate appears in Unity Hub list?

I have been having this weird issue ever since I installed Windows 11 on my PC this week.

There is a greyed-out box of one of my projects with the same name that appears under it. The unity version says ''Unity Version: Unavalible" and there are no options to remove from the list or show the file location. Instead, there is a cloud download button that will only start a new project. When I tried pressing the install button then deleting the new project, it came right back?

I believe this may be some type of reference project that just has no purpose. I also have 2 backups of the project on my hard drive which did not have any issues up until now.

If anybody knows what this is or how I can get rid of it, I would really like to know.

Could you please update your Hub to V3 and check if you have the same issue?

I'm having the same problem on a Windows 10 machine using Unity Hub 2.4.5. I'll trying updating Hub.

I installed 3.0.0-beta.6. The greyed out duplicate entry is no longer displayed. However, for some reason the label saying "Source Control" is missing from the project that previously had the duplicate entry (I have three others that say "Source Control" by the project name). All four of my projects are under revision control in Plastic SCM under the same organization.