Grid Based Question

Hello! So I’m new to Unity, and I’ve been diligently working on the official tutorials, reading the documentation, and some other third party books in an attempt to create a game like Megaman Battle Network in the distant future. My BIGGEST problem however, is creating the main game board. In MMBN, players move in real time on their own 3x3 grids, which change dynamically change as the game goes on. Tiles can break or get stolen by other players, so a match can switch from a 3x3 vs 3x3 board to a 3x2 vs 3x4 board, etc. I need tiles that can change properties as the game progresses, but I don’t know how to go about it, conceptually. Ignoring code for now, how would you guys go about this? I was thinking some sort of array for all tiles that would hold all tiles types or something of that manner. Any thoughts? I would love your input, as it would give me a more clear route as to where I’m headed in my practice time. Thanks in advance!

Create a Tile script responsible for changing the state of a Tile

create a script to handle the Tiles (BoardManager)

Create a script to generate the board (BoardGenerator)

Create an empty GameObject, rename it to Board and attach BoardManager and BoardGenerator


Check out “Roguelike 2D” tutorial if you want more specifics