Grid projector not covering whole terrain?


I am creating a fresh terrain and add an orthographic grid projector at 0/30/0. The whole terrain is now covered with a squared grid – as intended.

However, as soon as I introduce the slightest terrain deforming somewhere, the grid shrinks and does no longer cover the whole area, and I have no clue why. Shouldn’t it simply project also on formed terrain (and everything else)?

See picture: the dark spot up left is the only slight “hill” in the terrain, and the remaining grid is now only the lighter part in the lower right. What am I doing (or understanding) wrong?

Reagrds, habitoti

Since I haven’t received any feedback on this, I tried other forums to get in touch with affected users, and I got a good reply here, so I answer this myself for other interested useres coming by:
This seems to be a bug with the projector when using repeated textures. You can work around this by using a directional light with the grid texture converted to cookie. As an additional benefit you have even more control about the intensity and can bake the grid if you don’t need it to project on moving objects.