Ground Hugging Vehicle

Hey fellas,
I’m fairly new to Unity(only about 3 weeks under my belt), so I am unsure how to proceed with ground hugging issues. I found some ray-casting items in the forum, though I can;t quite understand them. I have been able to make a great terrain, and upload a vehicle model that a friend sent me (works great with lots of parts) but I can;t seem to get it hug the ground. Its pretty weird to see it floating like it is, so I could use some advice on how to proceed. the model is top heavy as well, so certain degrees should tip it over, that said, I don;t know how exactly to go ahead with this. any advice would be helpful. Thank you very much.


Thanks for the answer, hj, but rereading my post, I guess I wasn’t exactly clear. I have got it to stay on the ground, just not contour. Say its going up a 20 degree hill, its body will remain fixed at a 90 degree angle. The map I have is not a race track but a landscape full of maps and holes. as for the rigid body, unless I checked kinematic, the parts they were attached to would simply separate from the vehicle and fall through the scape. Having its rotation contour to the landscape is what I’m after. Perhaps I missed something in the rigid body statement?


You will want rigidbody physics(most realistic). They will react as you would expect a normal “real world” object to react. The only thing with that is making sure they dont overlap or touch(you will get very sporadic motions(more than slight jerkiness, more like car fly’s in the air!).

As long as these rigidbodies do not overlap your vehicle will respond very naturally to the terrain. Add a rigidbody to the main section of the vehicle. Add another to the front(check to make sure they arent touching/overlapping) Set each of the rigidbodies masses to a respectable number(might wanna do some car/vehicle research here). Then play and have fun. Since it is top heavy…the front rigidbodies mass will be higher than the actual body. As long as they dont overlap, you will see a more realistic looking terrain hugging vehicle. It will now be calculated by the physX engine(which is why its there :wink: ).

Let us know how it goes.