Ground swinging trapdoor

I’m creating a maze and the goal is to have a trapdoor somewhere throughout the game.

My problem (well it’s a bit of everything) How do I go about starting? Is there a particular object I need to use? I want it to fall open when the character steps on it. Also when stepped on, instead of just falling through space, I’d like to have the character spawn at the start of the maze.

I’ve google searched this and looked at the unity answers page. No one seems to have the same idea/problem as I am having.

I would much appreciate if someone could give me a step by step.

Thanks in advance ( I hope)


You can get away with not using hinges. Just add a cube game object, set the Y scale to something small to flatten it out. Make a new game object (empty), and drop the cube into it. Offset it so that the door is on the edge of the empty object. Now if you rotate the parent object on X or Z, it will ‘flip’ open. Now you need to animate that, with the animation editor or a script. Add a new empty object, and add a Cube collider component to that, set ‘is trigger’, and put a script on it handling OnColliderEnter. This will be your proximity trigger. Set the collider size and position so it’s over the trap door. Now just have your OnColliderEnter function play the ‘open door’ animation.
Sorry I have not been more specific, but if you search the references for those terms you will learn as you go, before you know it, you’ll be making all kinds of fun things.

Thank you very much everyone for your help. I am going to attempt to follow what Fattie said. Keep an eye out for many posts to follow. I could use as much help as possible :smiley: