Group Unity project using Dropbox problems HELP!


I'm having a major problem with using unity and dropbox (both free and latest)

What i have now is a dropbox folder with our concepts and game docs, then i have our actual unity game project in the folder, and this is where we work from. now this has cause many problems, especially if someone opens unity who wasn't the last person to open it. Most of the problems seem to be with the import process and scripts, materials, etc with them being empty/unassigned. What i have tried is exporting a package and then importing it onto the other persons but this just seemed to place all the folders in the wrong spot in the project folder and proceed to sync them (they all seemed to be one parent up), and that just screwed shit up. OH and i also tried maybe deleting the files from my computer before syncing yea don't do that lol, deleted all of our assets from everyones computer.

ANYWAY, questions

  1. if anyone has successfully used dropbox with unity with our without the project folder in the dropbox, please fill me in on how to do it, maybe a step by step? will Selective Sync help?

  2. Am i completely wrong to put the project folder in the dropbox? must i get and use a SVN system?

  3. what possibly went wrong with the export/import of the package? How do you export your entire project so that you can properly import all the files on another machine and have everything linked properly?

I litterally have no budget for this so that is why i'm using dropbox and not an SVN with a server, i looked but i couldn't get my hands on a server. But if all else fails i'm just going to have to suck it up and have just one person working in unity theres about 4 weeks left in the school quarter but we plan on working on it more after.

I have done quite a bit of research outside of working on the game but to no avail and the other unity + dropbox thread only gave suggestions that didn't help my current problems

Any help at all would be greatly appreciated, thank you

after trying several solutions such as SVN and many others, I discovered that we could have used the dropbox without any problem! Just created a new project of Unity within a folder shared between the development team, called the function of meta files in the project and now all can work simultaneously on the same project, always having the latest version available on the screen. We update everything and compile tests quickly and easily. And after the first sync, everything flows very fast and almost no lag due to the Internet! EXCELLENT USE Dropbox!