GUI and UI compatibility

I am making a game and I have a coin count text. It is using a GUI text because in MonoDevelop, I am not able to make a UIText. When I try to make the public UIText, there is only and option for GUIText. Is it not called a UIText, or does my MonoDevelop have a bug?

I want to put a UI image as a child of my CoinCount Text but I can’t because the GUI can’t be in the Canvas and the UI can’t be under a GUI object.

Unless you are using some plugin from the assetstore, there is no class called UIText :stuck_out_tongue:

There is the legacy GUIText, UnityEngine.UI.Text (probably the one you want) and then there is the legacy GUI/GUILayout.Label.

If you add using UnityEngine.UI; add the top, you can use something like public Text text; to reference your text field in a script, simply drag your gameobject with a Text component to this field in the inspector and change the text by saying text.text = "yourtextgoeshere"; somewhere in your code (in Update() for example).

If you don’t add using UnityEngine.UI; then public UnityEngine.UI.Text text; would do the same thing.

If you are having trouble using them. You could look at the Tutorial section, specifically the section about UI.