GUI appearring in from the top or bottom of the screen

Hi all,

I am relatively new to Unity and had been experimenting with it for a while. And I like first to thank all in the Unity community, as I had learnt a lot about Unity either from this UnityAnswers or from the forum. These I think are very useful features for many of us! Really appreciate and admire all the time and energy members here devoted to these.

I like to ask if it is possible to create an effect in which a GUI menu, created using UnityGUI, appearing from top or bottom of the screen with time (not in split-second), upon the start of the game. I dont mean a fade in effect, but more like a moving in effect, much like the taskbar of Window XP (being auto-hided in the beginning) appearing from the bottom, only that the moving is triggered upon the start of the game and need not by having the mouse cursor moved to the bottom of the screen (as in with Window XP). Likewise, when the game ends, I also like the menu to move down (or up) and out of the screen.

Thanks in advance for any kind soul out there who will be willing to share his or her experiences in this!

Sure. You specify a Rect for the controls, right? And that rect can change each time OnGUI is called. So just have that rect change its top/left over time (perhaps in Update())