"GUI Basics"-example not working

none of the stuff written in http://unity3d.com/support/documentation/Components/gui-Basics.html seems to work.

I get errors saying "'Box' is not a member of 'GUI'." (ans same about Button and everything else), even though the documentation says: "This example is a complete, functional level loader. If you copy/paste this script and attach it a GameObject, you'll see the following menu appear in when you enter Play Mode: " (I just tried the first example on the page)

do you have to "activate" the GUI or something ? or did they change how this works in unity 3 (but haven't changed the docs yet) ?

Don't call your script "GUI", because then Unity has no way to differentiate between your script and the "real" GUI class (without adding "UnityEngine" anyway).

seems the problem was that my script was also called GUI. (I should've known better)

hi. I've made the script and attached it to the first person controller but no menu shows in the game viewport. but when I press the play button, I can see the menu. and when I build the game, I cant see the menu again!!! what is the problem? I am so pissed! plz drag me out of this hell