GUI Behind a GameObject

A revival of another question, perhaps, but none of the answers are marked correct nor are they solving my problem.

I want to GUI a button and have a GameObject spawn inside the button, or overtop of it, so that the button is visible behind the GameObject.

I have tried using the two camera approach, but it isn’t working. The objects spawn in the right position, but the GUI is always visibly in front of the GameObjects.

The depth of the MainCamera is 0, the depth of the InventoryCamera (where the G.O.'s spawn) is 10.
The GameObjects are on Layer 8, and the InventoryCamera’s culling mask is set to cull everything except Layer 8.
Both cameras have Rendering Path set to Forward.
The Inventory Camera has Clear Flags set to Depth Only.
The InvetoryCamera’s GUILayer component has been deleted.
The GameObjects have a RenderQueue of 1million

Is it possible that this is a pro-only option?

Rutter has the best answer imo. You can overcome by creating it in a 2D ortho camera. You may also experiment with rendering your gameobject to a texture then putting it right into the gui but this is a pro only feature.

It really depends on how much of your UI depends on the game scene. If it’s just this one button who needs to have a gameobject inside it then it’s probably better to create a separate asset for this specific purpose. If there are many elements like this you might as well create the whole gui in a 2d gamescene instead of gui.