Gui being cut off

I am trying to make a GUI box go from 1% of the screen width and height to 98% width and height of the screen.

I am creating a a rect object to hold it.

Framer = new Rect (Screen.width/100, Screen.height/100, Screen.width-2*Screen.width/100, Screen.height-2*Screen.height/100);
    //Framer is type Rect

Then I create my box:

GUI.Box (Framer,"My cool Game");

But when I run it I get a GUI that goes over only to 80% of the screen and then gets cut off. Likewise it only goes down to 80%. (The box is not resized it just gets cut off, there is not border on the right and bottom sides. Any help would be great, I know its got to be something silly.

This will do it whether I full screen it or not, build or run in the editor. And it will a happen regardless of the resolution I set it to.



I had this problem and found that is was in my GUI.BeginGroup setting

How do you fix it