GUI box problem

So I’m looking at GUI Basics
It says if I use this code:

/* Example level loader */

function OnGUI () {
	// Make a background box
	GUI.Box (Rect (10,10,100,90), "Loader Menu");

	// Make the first button. If it is pressed, Application.Loadlevel (1) will be executed
	if (GUI.Button (Rect (20,40,80,20), "Level 1")) {
		Application.LoadLevel (1);

	// Make the second button.
	if (GUI.Button (Rect (20,70,80,20), "Level 2")) {
		Application.LoadLevel (2);

That it would do what it shows in the picture. So i copied and pasted, and the i tryed to attach the script to my player, I got an error message saying I can’t add it because I haven’t fixed all the complier errors. So the compiler errors are saying that ‘Box’ and ‘Button’ are not members of GUI. Is there just a problem with my Unity? or do I have to install this?

Nevermind, Problem is I also named the script GUI. Can’t do that. Messes with everything XD I’m leaving the question up for anyone else who has the problem