GUI Button doesn't Work on Android

Theres the code - I have no clue why it doesn’t work for me, even the example i pasted into the code
But, if I click about onehundred times with two fingers on the button it works (or if i click it on the PC with the mousecursor)

OK i just figure out it also works on the mobile device if i hold the button for a secound. How can i fix it, so the button can be clicked/tabbed ?

#pragma strict

var customGuiStyle : GUIStyle;

function OnGUI() {

	if (GUI.Button(Rect(100,200,500,70),"START GAME",customGuiStyle)){
	Application.LoadLevel (1);
	if (GUI.Button(Rect(100,300,500,70),"QUIT GAME",customGuiStyle)){
    if (GUI.Button(Rect(10,70,50,30),"Click"))
        Debug.Log("Clicked the button with text");

thanks in advance

Mobile input with GUI buttons is bad.

It has been my experience that Unity Android has a serious issue with android devices that have been jailbroken. If you rooted your android device at some point in time, I suspect this is the case.

To Husky: I’ve never had any issue with Unity GUI buttons on mobile besides the issue I described above.