GUI button fit on both iPhone and iPad

Hi there,
I have made a game, which has a level scene, where I have a background with a road on. I would like my level icons to be on that road, but the problem is that all the GUI buttons, that I have programmed to be on the road, fits in the editor and on the iPhone, but it doesnt fit on the iPad. To place the icons, i am doing this.


Anyone who knows a way to solve this? Or is there a way, to make a “map” that will place the buttons, in the right places?

If the problem is the bad positioning, then i have a solution.

Lets start with the width

If this gui is more to the left make:


If its more the the right then make:


Now the height

If the gui is more heigher then do:


if the gui is more low then do


If your satisfied with your positioning process, ignore above

If your problem is with the bad scaling, you can make the “Screen.width/2-100,Screen.height/2-100” process in the scaling part of the script. Example :

if(GUI.Button(Rect(Screen.width/2-100,Screen.height/2-100,Screen.width/2 -100,Screen.height/2-100);"")){ }

Everything might work properly if im right

The only solution I can find is to make two versions. One for iPhone and one for iPad. Sorry I can’t find a better solution, i’m trying to figure out a way around this too.

Ok, try these Canvas settings: