GUI Button not working...but the the script is correct...

I have created the main menu but then a GUI Button problem came up…No errors showing, Button is being displayed…But the button does not work even after many times I have clicked it…Here’s the script:

if(isArcadeLambo == true){

 GUI.Label(Rect(800, 300, 0, 70), "Speed = 200km/hr", "description");

 if(GUI.Button(Rect((Screen.width/2)+560, 470, 0, 70), "Buy for Rs.95,000/-","costButton"))

  isPlay = true; -= 95000;

All is correct…but it doesn’t work…(I have added a new GUI skin for this script, so if its the problem of GUI skin…it’s not as I have already checked it…)

If anybody have the solution to this gigantic problem, plz help me…
Thanx in advance…

This problem was resolved in the comments: a small error in specifying the control rectangle.

Rect parametrs are: float left, float top, float width, float height.

Your button’s width == 0, and maybe problem is in it.