GUI-Button not working

hello i am fairly new to this sort of thing but i am trying to make a gui shop open on a button press. the problem im having with this code is that it keeps spamming “hi” and is acting like the button is being constantly pressed. ive been working on this for a while and cant seem to find a fix so any help or tips would be appreciated

#pragma strict

private var ShopOn = false;

var ClosePostition : Vector2 = new Vector2(900,5);
var CloseSize : Vector2 = new Vector2(35,35);
var WindowPostition : Vector2 = new Vector2(0,0);
var WindowSize : Vector2 = new Vector2(900,900);

var ShopWindow : Texture;
var CloseIcon : Texture;

function Start() {

function Update () {

if(ShopOn == false)
	ShopOn = true;
else if(ShopOn == true)
	ShopOn = false;


function OnGUI()

if(ShopOn == true)

	GUI.BeginGroup(new Rect(WindowPostition.x, WindowPostition.y, WindowSize.x, WindowSize.y), ShopWindow);

	if (GUI.Button(Rect(ClosePostition.x, ClosePostition.y, CloseSize.x, CloseSize.y), CloseIcon)){



This is normal behavior for OnGUI. I suggest moving away from the old UI and moving to the new UI.
What is happening is you are pressing ‘i’ and changing ShopOn to true. OnGUI can happen several times a frame so that’s a ton of calls aka Hi is being called a lot.

The new UI: