GUI.Button Quality Change.

I’m implementing a option scene with buttons that change the quality level. I’m using unity 3.5.

@script RequireComponent(AudioSource)
var mainMenuSkin : GUISkin;
var buttonClick : AudioClip;

function OnGUI() { = mainMenuSkin;
if (GUI.Button(Rect(50,300,100,30),"Low")) {
	//I Dont Know What To Add Here.

I tryed.
QualitySettings.currentLevel = QualityLevel.Fastest;
but that does not work.

This is what the Console Error says.

QualitySettings.js(14,25): BCE0019: ‘currentLevel’ is not a member of ‘QualitySettings’.

I have tryed a few different ways but i cannot seem to get this to work. Any info at all would be very helpful. “Would also appreciate it if write any code for that code to be in Javascript” Since i cannot write C# at all. Thanks.

What Unity version do you use? Because currentLevel has beed deprecated in i guess Unity 4. Take a look at QualitySettings. Now there can be as much quality levels as you like, so the enum isn’t valid either. You just have to select an index. See QualitySettings.SetQualityLevel.

For easier GUI designs there’s now also the functions IncreaseLevel and DecreaseLevel.