gui.button to enable keypress

hello i created a game where i am using character controller to control the character moving left and right using the getaxis. i want to be able to when a person clicks my gui button it sends a true valve for the left and right keys but am not sure how code it i tried this and some other ways but cant get it to work

if (GUI.RepeatButton(Rect(50,500,80,80),“<”)){
var moveleft = Input.GetKey (“left”);
moveleft = true;

I would create functions that handle your left and right movements, or if you only want one to happen at a time create one function which takes a value (left or right) and applies the movement. Then you can just call the function from your GUI.Button statement.

thanks for the answer i used functions before. i actually figured out a way to do it and you can actually simulate a keypress thanks again

UI Button is batter then GUI Button. So i recommended you to use Unity UI Button.
Which will give you real effect of button press and all you want to do with button.
Just copy paste your code in once public function and call it on button click.
Its Simple.