GUI Button to open an external document? HELP!!!!

I am trying to make a button in-game which would open my Readme Text document located in the data folder. How do I go about doing this?

My goal is to create a OnGUI function with a GUI button. On clicking the button I want an external text document to open. I have done this with internet URLS which work fine.

Help please? =)

P.S. : It will be VERY helpful if you could post a finished code that I can use =)

Check out Process.Start() examples. There is an example for opening text files

You can use Unity - Scripting API: Application.OpenURL

Ok guys here’s how I fixed this problem :

if(GUILayout.Button ("ReadMe"))

I used the Path, but instead of the entire path I started it from only the data folder so that anyone that downloads my game will be able to open the Text Doc.

Cheers =)