GUI Buttons not Being Displayed

I’ve been going over this problem for last hour and yet to figure out why my buttons aren’t coming up and hopefully someone out there can see something obvious I’m missing.

I have other buttons in my script that all work fine. E.g. I have a Input.GetMouseButtonDown(1) event that is triggered and sets a bool value sowSelect to true and the next piece of code in my OnGUI().

			//if statement runs if button clicked, displays wheat image and paints selected tile with type 2
			if (GUI.Button(new Rect(button.x, button.y, 50, 50), wheatButton, blankbg)){	
				if(randomTilePainter){ // if true paint 5 tile type
					//check to see if this tile has a crop object assigned to it
					if(tile.assignedCrop == null){
						tile.assignedCrop = new Wheat(Time.time);
						terrain.PaintTile1x1(tile, 5); //asigned it a seedling image.
						moneyCoutner.GetComponent<MoneyDisplay>().takeFunds(tile.assignedCrop.getCost()); // take whatever the cost is from the object
					}//end assigned crop
					randomTilePainter = false; //swap tile painter
				}else if(!randomTilePainter){//if false paint 6 tile type.
					//check to see if this tile has a crop object assigned to it
					if(tile.assignedCrop == null){
						tile.assignedCrop = new Wheat(Time.time);
						terrain.PaintTile1x1(tile, 6);	
					}//end tile null.
				}//end randomtile if
				sowSelect = false;			
			}//end wheatbutton if

Now this code works fine and buttons display on click, but on virtually the same code that on mouse down sets bool value harvestAble to true the follow code happens:

    		//if harvestable has been set, show buttons.
    			//check what type is ready for harvest - SWITCH may be better by giving each crop an id, 0 wheat, 1 corn etc.
    			if(tile.assignedCrop.getType() == "Wheat"){
    				print("tiel if" + tile.assignedCrop.getType());
    				//show button for wheat harvest
    				if(GUI.Button(new Rect(button.x, button.y, 50, 50), wheatHarvestButton, blankbg)){	
    				}//end wheatbutton if
    			}else if(tile.assignedCrop.getType() == "Corn"){ //if it is corn
    				print("tile if" + tile.assignedCrop.getType());
    				//show corn harvest button
    				if(GUI.Button(new Rect(button.x, button.y, 50, 50), cornHarvestButton, blankbg)){	
    				}//end wheatbutton if
    			//else if users has already selected harvest for this grid, show selected already so not to reharvest.
    			}else if(tile.assignedCrop.getHarvesting()){
    				if(GUI.Button(new Rect(button.x, button.y, 50, 50), "This crop is already being harvested!")){	
    				}//end harvested button if	
    			}//end gettype if
    			harvestAble = false; // Stop it trying to reharvest item 
    		}//end harvestable if

Now the print functions I put in the if statement to check if the mouse click event is activated and goes into code just before the button if and it displays that tile if and also lists that it does have a type and it is correct, but no button. I’ve even copied by button code from the sowSelect which worked and still nothing. I’ve even set the new Rect(250,250,50,50) just to see if stating where to place it helped, but noavail and I’m out of ideas so if anyone can help I’d be in your debt.

OnGUI is called every frame (many times), so every frame that you want the buttons to be visible you must pass through the code.

Your sowSelect function sets sowSelect to false when the wheat button is pressed, but your harvestable code sets it to false inside the “if harvestable” block - this means that it will only ever be displayed for a single frame - moreover, OnGUI is called multiple times per frame, so the button actually only exists for the layout pass, after which the if harvestable will be false again, so it is actually never drawn.

Basically don’t set harvestable to false until the user does something.