GUI buttons or 3D Objects as GUI?


I’ve been creating a scrolling game for mobile where the axes of scrolling changes between x and z depending on the player’s whereabouts. Until now, I’ve been using triggers to change the scrolling direction, which works great, but I want to allow for more control over changing between the scrolling direction with some kind of a GUI.

I have not worked with the GUI thus far. My idea is to have an arrow appear and disappear while the player is on a trigger. I was originally thinking of just using a 3D arrow with a box collider and sending a raycast from the camera based on the touch position ( or not using a collider (for performance) and just detecting when the touch position is in line with the object ) since I’m already using this approach for interacting with game objects in my scene.

Is this a good idea?? Or should I use the GUI system instead? I don’t mind creating a custom texture for use with the GUI system if this will in some way be better for performance… Is there a reason why to use the GUI system instead of using my approach?

Thanks in advance!!

you don’t have to use the GUI system that unity provides… here is some custom GUI button Code that I put up awhile back…

Just slap this in a Java Script and slap that on a Custom GUI you created and you have a button for mobile games.