GUI Buttons

All right, here’s the deal. I need to make 2 custom buttons, in one script - without creating the custom skin.

Something like this:

var icon : Texture2D;
var customButton = new GUIStyle();
var customLabel = new GUIStyle();

    function OnGUI () {
        GUI.Button (Rect (10, 40,800,600), "Spell Book", customButton);
        if (GUI.Button (Rect (10, 20,100,20), "Close"))
            showMoreGui = false;

(nevermind the script, it’s just a small part of it)
But remember; I have to do this without new gui skin. How to make two custom button styles? so that I can give them different settings?

You can create GUIStyles like this:

 var funkyButtonStyle   :  GUIStyle;
 var boringButtonStyle  :  GUIStyle;

 function OnGUI ()
   Debug.Log("funky font: " +; 

This will cause two GUIStyle elements to appear in the Inspector.

Here’s what the docs say: