GUI code causes strange GUISkin derived hiccup issues

function OnGUI(){
//GUI.Label (Rect (Screen.width-70, Screen.height-70, 90, 30),;
GUI.Label (Rect (Screen.width-70, Screen.height-30, 30, 30), hiddenMeterHUD.ToString()+"%");
GUI.Label (Rect ((Screen.width-340)+(noticeMeter)*3, 18, 30, 30), Mathf.Round(noticeMeter).ToString()+"%");;
GUI.Label (Rect (Screen.width-390, 0, 60, 30),"?!!");
GUI.Label (Rect (Screen.width-350, 10, (noticeMeter+10)*3, 10), "  ", "button");;

EDIT2:Other GUI code shows this problem as well , such as the one shown above.

EDIT: Here is where the hiccup lies in , i cant find the exact error im doing though

It seems to me that you have too much going on in this one OnGUI function. Every frame the entire OnGUI function is run through and I imagine that's causing your slowdown issues. You could separate the different menus into different scenes (Main, Options, New Game, etc.) and use Application.LoadLevel() to load each scene with it's own smaller, more condensed OnGUI function. Alternatively, you could create empty game objects with these menus attached, prefab them, and then instantiate and destroy them when you bring up the different menus. Whatever you do, just keeping down the number of operations performed every frame should help speed things up.

You might be getting hit with garbage collection, every call to Rect() creates a new rect, and that every time OnGUI gets called. Try setting up these rects in Awake() or Start() and then just changing that values that need to change