Gui Counter Problem

Hi, I am implementing a game of player (Lerpz),I want that it my game will count score when my player falls from platform,but my score is not showing on GUI…Please any one get me out from this problem…Thanks in Advanced…
Here is my Code(Java Script)

#pragma strict
// the textfield to update the time to
private var textfield:GUIText;
// time variables
//public var allowedTime:int = 30;
//private var currentTime = allowedTime;
//static var score : int = 0;
//var score=0;
private var speed = 0.0;
private var spawnPoint : Transform;
private var movement : PlatformerControllerMovement;
private var verticalSpeed = 0.0;
//private var textfield:GUIText; 
function Awake()
    // retrieve the GUIText Component and set the text
    textfield = GetComponent(GUIText);
    // start the timer ticking
//    TimerTick();
//private var restSeconds : int;
//private var Counter: int;
private var Counter : int=4;
private var LifeCount : int=2;

function UpdateTimerText()
    // update the textfield
    textfield.text = Counter.ToString(); 
    textfield.text=  LifeCount.ToString();
    if (Counter == 0) 
    	 #if UNITY_EDITOR
    	    UnityEditor.EditorApplication.isPlaying = false;
    	 print ("Inside ResetSconds - App Close - 2");


function TimerTick()
    // while there are seconds left
    while(Counter> 0)
        // wait for 1 second
        yield WaitForSeconds(1);
        // reduce the time
    // game over

Is your GUIText object positioned correctly so that the camera can see it? Pause your game and see where it is positioned in the game world in relation to the camera.

As an alternative, you can use the OnGUI() to draw anything on the screen using the GUI.

void OnGUI() {
GUI.Label(new Rect(10, 10, 200, 20), “Hello World”);