GUI Cross Hair Positioning

OK this is driving me nuts!! I tried followint this tutorial but every time my cross hair for my gun keeps showing up in the upper left hand corner of the screen, what am I missing??

var crosshairTexture : Texture2D; var position : Rect; function Start() { position = Rect( ( Screen.width - crosshairTexture.width ) / 2, ( Screen.height - crosshairTexture.height ) / 2, crosshairTexture.width, crosshairTexture.height ); } function OnGUI() { GUI.DrawTexture( position, crosshairTexture ); }

Run an actual build of your game instead of playing it in the editor.

I've found that one bug is that while playing in the editor, your GUIs show up further up and to the left than they actually are. It is extremely irritating, but I don't know of a fix for this behavior. Perhaps changing the aspect ratio in the editor viewport to 4:3. Not sure.