GUI draws only one window at a time

I’ve got two objects in my scene that each draw their own windows and have selectionGrids assigned within. The problem I am running across is that only one of the two objects will draw when the scene is running. When one window is initialized it appears to not draw the other window and it does not discriminate on which one it decides to draw. Here is the base-code I am using for these GUIs:

 void OnGUI (){
        GUI.Window(0, windowRect, (GUI.WindowFunction)DoWindow,windowName,window);
	void DoWindow (int windowID) {		        
		//begin scroll code
		scrollPosition = GUI.BeginScrollView (rScrollFrame, scrollPosition, rList, 
			selectionGrid=GUI.SelectionGrid(new Rect(frameSize.x,frameSize.y,frameSize.width,frameSize.height),selectionGrid,cont.CrewImages(),columns,GUIStyle.none);   

found it here

parameter: id

description: A unique ID to use for each window.