GUI.DrawTexture and GUITexture multitouch

I’m making a car game for android and I created Throttle, Break and Steering Wheel.

All is working good but I can’t use Steering Wheel when I touch throttle or brake. Or when I’m using Steering wheel, if I touch to throttle or break, Steering Wheel is a little messing. How can I fix this?

Throttle and break are GUITexture, Steering Wheel is using GUI.DrawTexture (because GUITexture does not support rotating)

I’m checking touches like this:

You can use gui.drawtexture for all three steerings,race and brake. by using rect.contains and it will work smoothly
var rect=Rect(600,70,100,80);
if(rect.Contains(Input.mousePosition)) use this anf if you have any problem mail me at