GUI error scripting help!

I’ve created this script to open a GUI Texfield. But there is an error in my script…
error: “Assets/Scripts/TypeName.js(2,16): BCE0018: The name ‘TextField’ does not denote a valid type (‘not found’)”

Here is the script:

var stringToEdit : String = "Type in your NAME";
var TextArea : TextField;

function OnGUI () {
   stringToEdit = TextArea.text;

hmmm TextField is not a class to so that you can declare a object for it, it is just a function in unity. you can call a function but not declare it as a type for a variable. From the method what i understand you are trying to do something like this…

var stringToEdit : String = "Hello World";
var viewportArea : Rect;

function OnGUI () {
    // Make a text field that modifies stringToEdit.
    stringToEdit = GUI.TextField (viewportArea, stringToEdit, 25);

is this what you want ???!!

I still get the same problem, any help?