GUI Exception occurs when "Maximize On Play" is selected.

Hey guys,
I’ve started to get this weird exception spamming in the console whenever I hit Play. I’m using 2017.3.0f3 standalone.

GUI Window tried to begin rendering
while something else had not finished
rendering! Either you have a recursive
OnGUI rendering, or the previous OnGUI
did not clean up properly

I tweaked around the preferences a bit and figured that if I deselect “Maximize On Play” and restart Unity the problem goes away.
Does anybody know what is actually causing this issue?
I’d appreciate any help. Thanks!

P.S: I did some research about this topic and tried fixes suggested by others (Close Asset Store tab, save layout and whatnot), but none of these actually helped.

I fixed the issue by deleting my customized layout, restoring it back to default and create my layout anew. I case somebody encounters the same problem :wink: