GUI eyedropper problems.

The Unity eyedropper is completely broken on Mac/PC.

If you hover it works on the Unity app, your desktop backgrounds, BUT it does NOT work on any other window or app open on your computer.

Is there a fix?

Okay, so when I am editing a GUI color for text, as an example. I go over to the eyedropper to pick my color right? But when I do, the window with the colors to choose from doesn’t pop up, instead the eyedropper picks up the colors on the unity program and my desktop background(or anything else on my computer that has color). How am I to go about fixing this?

Click on the color next to the picker, a window will come up, then click ON the window, which color you want.

the color grabber is for on screen things not for the actual color window.

You must actually CLICK unlike normal apps. Hover is broken in Unity.

Hope this helped!

This is still a bug even in 2020 !

  1. use the Unity eyedropper

  2. mouse over anything on your computer screens (say, a browser window)

  3. notice it does NOT work

the solution is …

  1. mouse over the (say) browser window again

  2. in fact, CLICK down somewhere on that window…

  3. from now on it will work normally like any eyedropper.

Bizarre right? That’s why we love Unity :confused: