GUI functions switching

Hello, I’m new to C# and Unity and to scripting in general. I’ve made a decent Main Menu that is able to bring the player to a tutorial world. Now in this tutorial world I want to call GUI functions to explain to the player how everything works. But how can I switch the text a GUI.Box is displaying?

You can use simple if statements with booleans. In order to show a group of GUI elements, you use something like the code below and modify the booleans to determine which message(s) to show:

var showMessage:boolean[];

function OnGUI(){
//Any GUI you want to show here.
//other GUI elements here.
//more checks here


Alternatively, you could have one group of GUI events with modifiable contents, and just modify whether the GUI is visible and the contents:

var showGUI:boolean=false;
var labelText:String="Hello, and welcome to my game";
var label2Text:String="This is a training level.";
function OnGUI(){


I’m sorry, I’ve tried to understand the script but I simply can’t.
I tried: public bool TextBox1 = GUI.Box(new Recht(etc.), Text1);
public string Text1 = “Welcome to …”;
But it just doesn’t seem to work. I can’t put it into another function.

My idea is to say:

public void OnLevelWasLoaded(int level) {
   if(level = 1)
     Time.timeScale = 0;

public void StartGame() {
      Time.timeScale = 1;
      TextBox1 = false;