Gui Health Display Help!

Hi everyone!
I’m really struggling with using the GUI to display my Players health, I know my players health script works because I can see it in the inspector going down when it takes damage but I have no idea how to turn that into a GUI so that when I actually export the game the person playing it can also see the health go down! The script i’m using for my player health is:

var playerHealth : float = 100;
var difficulty : int = 5;

function OnTriggerStay(collision : Collider)
if(collision.CompareTag (“Enemy”))
playerHealth -= Time.deltaTime * difficulty;
Debug.Log(“Enemy is in contact.”);

Any help is appreciated! I really want it to display as text rather then a health bar!

First off you have many options.

 var labelPos : Rect =  Rect(100,100,100,20);
  function OnGUI(){
         GUI.Label(labelPos, "HP:" + playerHealth); 

This is probably one of the wisest decisions.
You can put it on an empty game object or your main camera and it will work.