GUI in front of 4.6 UI

Hi guys i need an help to an issue that make me crazy. So i have a canvas in render mode “Screen Space - Camera” with all component to render sprite…then i have also a healthbar system with old GUI concept that works very well, the only problem is that is render on top of new UI.
I try many time with depht but doesn’t work.

I tried also with UI and slider and it’s work but with Render Mode “Screen Space - Camera” but my only doubt is , the slider that i made with new UI is visible only for me and i want build a multiplayer game with this is not the best solution.

With “Screen Space - Overlay” doesn’t work for me, the slider stay up to the other sprite.

The camera has attached a script for RTS camera (move the mouse on border of the screen move the camera up,down,left,right)

I hope that what i wrote is easy to understand , and sorry for my language but i’m italian.

I hope in a good person that make me to right way with this issue.

Thanks to all.


Why won’t you replace that old GUI code with new UI?

It will be much easier to controll if you will have 2x canvas, one camera, one word space, which will be under first UI.