gui indicator for objectives

hi everyone,i’m making a fps game in which i like to make a indicator to show where the user havta walk towards,like in modernwarfare2 and battlefield they’v used one white dot with a distance value below it
i dont want the distance ,but just a plane white dot which moves according to fps position
pls tell me some ideas h0w to achive it !!or else is der any alternatives instead of this white dot thing?? thanks in advance!!

Eric’s Object label script from the wiki

Just put it on whatever represents your objective, or if the objective is simply an area, place an empty gameobject and put the script on it; use the clamp to screen option if you want, then the label will stay on the screen in the approximate place on the screen edge when the objective is offscreen. His particular implementation is for a GUIText object (so you could just use a period or something, just set the GUIText text in the editor). If you wanted, you could use a GUITexture instead.

You can use a GUITexture with some arrow picture or whatever you want to display. You can have 3 pictures, for instance (left, right and forward) and replace the GUITexture at runtime when needed. As an alternative, you can have a “compass” somewhere in the screen, and rotate its needle to indicate the direction - you should use GUIUtility.RotateAroundPivot to rotate the gui matrix and GUI.DrawTexture to draw the needle in the direction you want.
I think this will not be your greatest problem: knowing the direction to which the character must walk at any point of the game maybe more awkward. The simplest solution is to have an array of target locations, and an index which shows the next target. When the character reaches that target, the index is incremented to the next one.