Gui label delay

I have the next code, so i just want to make some delay for ShowPoints.

public int Points;
public bool ShowPoints = false;

totalKIlls ++;
ShowPoints = true; 
if (ShowPoints = true); {
Points += 100; }

if(ShowPoints == true) 

GUI.Label(new Rect(Screen.width/2-50,Screen.height/2-25, 100, 50), ""+Points); 

i’ve tried to make it throught yield and couroutine but it give me errors, any ideas?

So you want the score display to stay the same for some time and then be increased by 100?

My suggestion would be to put the Points += 100; part into an own function (it’s hard to tell what part of your code you posted) and call this using Invoke(“NameOfYourFunction”, 1); (the second parameter is the delay in this case 1 second).