GUI.Label is not showing all content

GUI.Label (Rect ((Screen.width/2)-40,(Screen.height/2)-30,80,20), “Player amount:”+multiplayerscript.Players);

Okey, basically i have GUI.Label that shows player amount, but it’s bugging somehow.
When i run this, it prints only “Player”, nothing after that space, if i change it to “Player_amount”, it prints “Player_amoun”. It doesnt print player amount either :/. I have been trying to solve this for a while, but i cant find answer for this.

Your rectangle may be a little short … The first two parameters define the coordinates of the top left corner, and the two other parameters are for its size. Put 150 or 200 instead of 80, it may work better.

If you want it to be on two lines, the height must be augmented.